To put it plainly, I’m a simple country girl with an old fashioned heart.  I’ve been told that I would fit nicely into the mid-1800’s or anywhere during the 1940’s or ’50’s…and I’m inclined to agree.  Having grown up on old western movies, I’m also a cowgirl at heart.  Roy Rogers has been my hero since I was 11 or 12 years old.

First and foremost, I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  Through no merit of my own, but only through His freely offered grace and forgiveness, He has redeemed this wholly undeserving sinner and made me an heir to His kingdom!  He has blessed me with many good and wonderful gifts, the greatest of which is my precious family.

My primary vocational calling at this time is to be an actress and a filmmaker.  Coupled with that, God has also given me a passion for photography, writing, and video editing.  To date, I have worked on over 25 short films, features, web series, and music videos, fulfilling a variety of roles.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to serve and learn as much as possible about the filmmaking process.

I graduated from Bryan College in 2009 with a Theatre degree, and returned for an extra year to study film (not for credit – just for the knowledge and experience).  Since then, I have been happily living at home with my family and enjoying opportunities to travel and work on film sets in different parts of the country.

Some favorite pastimes include photography, reading classic literature (or modern Christian detective books), writing stories and screenplays, singing Broadway tunes and songs from the ’40’s and 50’s, dancing whenever I can (ballroom, swing, and vintage), sewing costumes from all eras, attending historical reenactments, and watching old movies.

There is much I could say about my vision for the stories I would like to tell and the movies I would like to make, but suffice it to say that I desire to make films that exemplify character as well as true Christian values.  Young people need role models and heros that are worthy of being emulated (ex.: Roy Rogers had a tremendous positive influence on generations!).  I want to use film (and theatre) to have an impact on our culture — to encourage Christian families and to bear witness of godliness to those who are unsaved and to inspire everyone to acts of chivalry and virtue.

Oh, and one other thing you should know about me.  I’m not nearly as young as I look.  😉